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NISD Employee Giving Campaign

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The nef Employee Giving Campaign is open now and runs through Friday, sept. 29!

Each year, Northwest ISD and the Northwest ISD Education Foundation partner for the annual employee giving campaign to benefit district students and teachers, and this year's campaign will come to a close on Friday, September 29.
When you give, you have the opportunity to choose where to invest your dollars! Every dollar from the employee giving campaign goes directly to teaching grants, scholarships for seniors or district initiatives like our free resource store and library. 

program descriptions: 

  • Teaching Grants: Classroom and campus grants distributed annually to enhance education and engage students in learning. 
  • Student Scholarships: Scholarships awarded annually to graduating seniors in Northwest ISD. 
  • Resource Store & Library: Provide immediate support for students and teachers through free resources and educational materials.

For your generous giving, and for all that you do for the district, thank you!

prizes & recognitions

Thanks to our generous sponsors, NEF will have several opportunities to win prizes throughout the campaign! Every employee who contributes $10/month or more will receive an employee giving t-shirt!

Campus Prizes

  • The top campus from each campus category (elementary, middle, high school) with the highest percentage of payroll deductions will receive a plaque and a catered breakfast at their campus, as well as any campus with 100% giving!

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The Rollover Payroll Giver option allows you to continue the designations you selected for future school years until you decide to edit or stop, which you can do at any time by contacting NEF or the payroll department directly. If you elect to be a Rollover Payroll Giver and you’ve selected a one-time donation, your gift will occur in October each year. If you selected recurring payroll donation, your deduction will continue until I edit or stop my donation.

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