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NEF Supports NISD Teacher Transitions

NEF Supports NISD Teacher Transitions

Last week, NEF supported six elementary teachers as they transferred to different campuses to relieve overcrowding in classrooms. The foundation presented each teacher with a $200 check and a bag of goodies to help make this transition easier.

What an amazing day spent greeting educators who embraced these changes with open arms, love and generosity! 

Executive Director Emily Conklin and NEF Board President Chase Rowe represented the foundation for the campus visits. Special thanks to the campus principals and district leaders who helped us plan this surprise. 

Thank you to our transitioning teachers!

Marie Young from Justin Elementary

New Campus Home: Justin Elementary, Kindergarten - thank you, Marie Young!

Julie Shikany at Beck Elementary

New Campus Home: Beck Elementary, Second Grade - thank you, Julie Shikany!

Vicki Harwell at Cox

New Campus Home: Cox Elementary, Third Grade - thank you, Vicki Harwell!

Alyssa Estrada at Granger Elementary

New Campus Home: Granger Elementary, Kindergarten - thank you, Alyssa Estrada!

Kristen DeVito at Schluter Elementary

New Campus Home: Schluter Elementary, First Grade - thank you, Kristen DeVito!

Natalie Johnson at PVE

New Campus Home: Prairie View Elementary, Fourth Grade - thank you, Natalie Johnson!