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About NEF

The Northwest ISD Education Foundation - commonly referred to as NEF - is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization composed of community leaders and businesses, working together to enhance the quality of education in the Northwest Independent School District. Private donations to the foundation benefit students and teachers by supporting activities not funded by tax dollars.

Our Mission

The mission of the Northwest ISD Education Foundation is to provide financial support to empower NISD educators, engage the community and encourage future-ready students.

Our Vision

To be the recognized leader in providing financial support to teachers and students in the region that Northwest ISD services. 

The foundation's objective is to provide resources to enable students and teachers to work at their highest potential, rewarding those teachers for their innovative efforts and exemplary teaching.

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Private donations to the foundation benefit students and teachers by supporting activities not funded by tax dollars. The foundation’s teaching grants allow teachers to take a more creative approach to education and dream bigger. Student scholarships are awarded annually to help ensure that Northwest ISD graduates continue their paths to success, even after they leave the district. Through the district initiative fund, teachers and students find support for immediate needs like school supplies, books, snack packs and more. 

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A partnership greatly enhances the quality of education in schools by bringing the talents and resources of the business community into the classroom. Each partnership is based on the needs of the school and the resources of the partnering organization. 

There are no limits to what can be achieved in a partnership with the Northwest ISD Education Foundation!

How can you help?

  • Donate funds to support innovative teaching grants and scholarships

  • Supply resources for district activities that encourage students and enrich their educational experience

  • Volunteer time on a committee to review grants and scholarship applications
  • Assist in the planning and fundraising of the foundation's annual events